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I have to rethink this bad movie thing

January 30th, 2011 ·No Comments

I fell asleep during Mega Pythom vs. Gatoroid and missed the part where the two heroines were eaten by the creatures that championed. There are too many movies in this style. And, when I think about it, I never watched the King Kong and Godzilla movies. I have to take that back; my dad and I did take Quentin to Godzilla 1985 matinee in South Bend. Quentin sat on his lap. That was a good afternoon.

However, the movies that earned me my reputation include the one about a brain transplant – a beautiful model is mortally injured so her brain is put into the body of a plain looking woman who is in a brain dead coma; the one where the Chinese tunneled under the Pacific; a film with an aging Dana Andrews as a scientist who starts a crack in the earth by aiming a rocket downward on the the launch pad.

I must return to my roots and stop padding my resume with these my monster is bigger than your monster flicks.

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