Partridge Farm nacho goldfish

I went to the bank and then because the grocery was in the same lot, I thought I’ll just run in there and see if I can hit the usual time for their major markdowns on cheeseballs, pinwheel sandwiches, pico de gallo and so forth.

I didn’t. On top of missing the sale, I realized I had committed the cardinal sin of entering a grocery when you are hungry. I let myself be seduced by the snacks on sale and the and the added bonus of getting $5 back if you mix and/or matched five items.

I invested in crackers, if not opened, would have some shelf life. And then I spied the Nacho Goldfish and made that pick #5. I didn’t open it the car or right after I arrived home. I’d say I made it for about 10 minutes before ripping the bag open.

They are okay. However, they seem fatter than the regular goldfish – more like puffer fish. This is not a major thing; I realize this right down to the soles of my feet. I will eventually succumb, though, because that has been my habit for a lifetime. It makes me sigh, this failing of mine. I mean, why would the company make a bigger mold for nacho goldfish than regular fishies? It has to be my imagination. But, then again, maybe the company wanted them to be more full-bodied to maximize the flavor.

I suppose I will wind up using calipers to make the final determination. Were I in elementary school, perhaps I could pass it off as an school research project. Alas, I will have to accept the eccentric old lady analysis, which is very little different from the eccentric AmeliaJake analysis that has been well established.

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