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The day is what you make it

March 31st, 2016 ·No Comments

I suppose the above popular attitude advice has exceptions: a frozen turkey falling out of the top shelf of the freezer and doing serious damage to your small pet – things like that. However, I am tempted to say that yesterday was in its own right  a terrible day, just  really terrible. I don’t think I deserve all the blame for being miserable – this is a variation on “I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

But, come to think of it, there was no major disaster yesterday and I am not sitting here with a broken bone or concussed brain. I could have sucked it up, to use a phrase I don’t like to hear, but sometimes find coming vehemently out of my mouth, and put on a happy face. I didn’t do that and I am trying to convince myself that not meeting my pouting quota for the day would have had unfortunate results. I haven’t figured out what those might have been, but give me time – I’m good at rationalization.

Now today it is not even light yet and I am thinking of John Wayne’s remark about tomorrow: paraphrased, it is that tomorrow comes at you fresh and hopes that you have learned something from yesterday.

The thing about emotions, however, is sometimes you could just benefit from that turkey falling on your foot and tears pouring out, carrying stress hormones with them. I think I’ll start with a small package of frozen peas and I expect I will find it is not a good idea. Maybe if I threw the peas? Oh, dear, that is not a positive thought. I imagine if they had posters that highlighted cranky, negative thoughts, I could make some money thinking them up.

I may or may not write about what attitude I decided to apply to this day. I mean, it could turn out to be a confession that would look bad in court at my trial. I will say this, however: the John Wayne quote is a having quite a time contending with the one by Alice Roosevelt Longworth about being so mad she could grind her teeth into powder and blow it out her nose. Well, that would give me something to snort. (See previous post.)

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