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Snorts are better than one nostril

March 29th, 2016 ·1 Comment

My nose keeps clogging up with what I have started calling “snot clots” because I am forgetting that choice of words says a lot about you. My father would be shaking his head; one does not have to say “snot.” (And I still feel the period should be outside the quotation mark, but the rules are changing . . . or something.)

But back to my snout, and to say snout is a humorous way of indicating your nose; it is not the same relationship as snot and mucous. My younger son has had sinus surgery and several sinus problems. I was telling him about my difficulty with my nasal passages and he told me his “snout doctor’s nurse” advised him that people should not block one nostril and try to blow out the other. They should, instead, give short snorts.

Thinking about it makes your face crinkle up in laughter and I think the facial muscular activity puts pressure on sinus cavities and helps them drain. I doubt that is correct, but if it works, it works. It is so hard to go “snort, snort, snort” without starting to laugh.

Maybe it is what I should do, however; I have been pigging out in the kitchen. It could be this is how people turn into werewolves – one step at a time.


SNORT . . . SNORT . . . OINK . . . SNORT

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  • 1 pottermom // Mar 29, 2016 at 5:09 pm

    Easter Sunday Katrina was all dressed up and declared herself a pretty princess. In the next sentence she said… oh I got a booger up my nose… proceeded to stick her finger in her nose and go mining…. drilling deep she kept saying… come here Mr. Booger, come on out and play…..

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