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Back in Kendallville

December 28th, 2015 ·No Comments

I drove through a lot of rain yesterday, but, surprisingly, only patches of heavy traffic. I think there may have been an accident on the southbound lanes close to Dayton because that traffic was lined up, all lanes full and not moving, for some distance. However, it could have just been the mass of people heading for one of the few crossings over the Ohio River as they guided their Sunbird vehicles Florida-bound.

I was even able to take the county road route around Van Wert – the one where you can practically drive right down the center of the road, not, of course, that I did that; my father said it was easier on the tires.

The temperature has dropped to freezing and that is what the rain is doing outside, so I am going to postpone my trip to LaGrange County for a day – tomorrow, the high is supposed to be 40 degrees and no precipitation. The little cast iron stove in the kitchen up there has been cleaned out and checked and I AM SO TEMPTED to go full pioneer – well, if you don’t count the ipad and Verizon connection and the Sprint phone connection.

It is windy and even at 8:00, barely light enough to qualify as daytime. In fact, it looks like a morning not fit for man nor beast, nor UDO.

Such little details to post about. Surely I could come up with something worthwhile? Thinking . . .thinking . . .thinking . . . thinking . . . well, apparently not. Do you want to read about the washing marathon that awaits me in the laundry room? I thought not. So there you are.

But next time, maybe I will write about Secret Mission Bat, who was called in when Guido kept going missing. But perhaps I am not allowed to write about SMB, his been secret and all. I hope I haven’t blown his cover. As far as Guido is concerned, I am considering fitting him with at GPS device – or a piece of twine around his foot. He’s a sneaky one. He’s trying to shake his mafia reputation and go stay on the straight and narrow, but I heard him tell a fellow UDO: “Just when I was out, they pulled me back in.”

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