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Missing person

October 13th, 2015 ·No Comments

Okay, the world may be flat and I might have walked off the edge, hung there for a few days, clinging with weakening fingers and finally pulled myself back up and am typing this with a pencil in my mouth.

Or . . . I got to reading some books and going to Fairborn, Ohio where I indulged in City Barbecue and then driving back and getting really tired and then reading some more.

I haven’t decided which scenario makes the best sense, which undoubtedly indicates the fall off the edge and the jolt of grabbing hold at the last section and the stress of hanging there for all that time has caused cognitive thinking problems. I believe I could take various lines of reasoning in circles, although that leaves me wondering if they would be 2D planes or 3D spheres.

Whatever, apparently the shock has wiped any memory of what is on the bottom side of the earth – or maybe it was too dark to see. This might be a spell of Forest Gumpism with a pinch of crazy thrown in; it’s sort of like malaria, it comes, it goes. Now, to find the quinine in this analogy.

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