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Kendallville Pruning

July 25th, 2015 ·No Comments

I thought about titling this post: Where did the italics come from? because when I looked at the site, almost all the post had switched to that font – and I believe some things in the sidebar. I don’t know. Maybe it will come to me; maybe not. I did get an email I ignored that said WordPress had automatically updated. Whatever.

I’m not going to sweat it because we have been sweating a lot here today pruning a tree in the backyard and getting ready to repaint the fence. One limb was longer and deader than we thought and it fell down outside the fence. I ran around to get it and discovered it had fallen on one of the neighbor’s little lights by his driveway. No one was home, so I left a note. I think the little connector flipped off, but I am not certain how to get it back on and sitting and sweating in someone’s driveway with parts of a light was rather embarrassing. So, I covered it up with plastic, stuck a marker in beside it and left a note in a baggie at the back door.

My granddaughter learned that saying, “I’m going to saw that thin branch” and actually doing it involve different levels of effort. She was feeling her bicep; I don’t think logging is in her future.

It is supposed to rain/storm this afternoon right about now, but we went ahead and watered Fern anyway, in case the forecast is wrong and in case she is too protected by the tree she’s under. I think I may need to put some Miracle Gro on her.  Once Quentin and I were using Miracle Gro and I read the directions wrong and for a long time we thought it was supposed to be a brilliant sky blue liquid. I am not a master gardener.

Well, darn, it’s still bugging me about the italic thing and I’m going to have to investigate. So much for my “whatever” comment.

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