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July 14th, 2015 ·1 Comment

So, I took a Canon camera, a Flip camera and my iphone to Iowa for the 2015 VanceFest, and what did I do? Sort of forget to take pictures. A bit of time ago, I posted a picture of two brothers – Der Bingle and LZP. They are sort of the, one might say quirky, possibly almost crazy brothers. I had that picture because I had them pose for it as we were leaving.

Thinking back about photos, I thought, “Well, this is a fine pickle I’ve gotten myself into . . .”
So from the few quick iphotos, I am cropping three views of a third brother, Rod. He doesn’t have a nickname like LZP or Der Bingle or (applicable to both) Old Kook. He is “the competent one.” LZP once referred to having Rod getting something done and watching as he – and here I’m quoting LZP – “took a drill and went zip, zip, zip and then a couple of other fast things . . . and it was done.” He is also quite possibly the best-looking and best-natured. That last part is convenient today because I had to do some serious cropping to get photo views of him.

rod looking up

rod looking down

Now, this one where Rod was sitting right next to me, I had to crop out my finger and Der Bingle’s hand on the left . . . and I guess he probably wouldn’t have chosen an armpit pose, but I’m going to call it “relaxed and candid.”
rod cropped

When I mentioned being in a pickle, I was reminded of the canapes Rod’s wife, Kathy, fixed. I could have eaten the entire container. She grows her own pickles (bush pickles – although I am only repeating what I heard and have no idea of what that means – other than the part that seems obvious) and then spreads cream cheese on lunch meat and wraps it around the pickle. After chilling them, she slices them into pinwheels.

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  • 1 LZP // Jul 20, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    Best Looking???? Better get your glasses checked…….

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