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So, I am back from being abducted

July 6th, 2015 ·No Comments

Of course, I indicated I was going to Iowa, and I even have pictures of being there, uy of course they are fake. I was abducted and probed and returned (do not read rejected) to my present identity. The, The Alens, found me to be such an intereting specimen that I was puy into the “Yo Be Observed” category.

I only let you in on this so you can guard what you tell me regarding UFOs, for your own good. This post may or may noty self-destruct at any time.

Typing this has been a bit of a challenge because I havr an oversized bandaid on my finger. This injury did not result from Alien probinh, but from careless use of a butter knife. Yes. I may be fascinating to Aliens, but it apparently has nothing to do with dexterity, or general competence with my body. That was obvious to anyone watching me with a Great Dane year old dog whose snout was above my elbow.

This undoubtedly reads like total drivel, but i am assured it is a temporary hangover effect of the Alien Experience.

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