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Hall Lake, Beck Lake, Noble County, Indiana

March 28th, 2016 ·No Comments

I know- and odd sort of post title. However, I imagine I have come within a couple of miles of these lakes often in the years since I was born: going  to Gene Stratton-Porter, going to Fort Wayne, going between here and my mother’s Lagrange House, going to North Ridge Nursing Home.  Actually, whenever I have been on Highway 6, just west of Kendallville, I’ve been so close.

I did not know they were there; I think that may have something to do with them being fishing lakes and I don’t fish. But I have seen a couple of signs lately, and thought, “Huh?” I think they are fairly small, but I’m going to have to go look. I’m just curious. I’ve passed between Twin Lakes more times than I can count, going past Aldrich Lake almost every day I went to high school and having my hair washed in Stone Lake when I was a wee girl and I vaguely remember there was something special about the water. Of course, that would have been about 1951 and most places were still small town America. (I do know that my cousin would drive her old Willy’s with her friends over to the lake to swim when she was in high school. It was war surplus I think and her dad wouldn’t let her take it to college because he said it was “no car for a girl.” Turns out there was a man who wanted to buy it.  I can still see her sitting at our dining table at Mother’s remembering that time and saying of her father’s remark: That was a big, fat lie.)  And, I forgot to mention Sylvan Lake, which was a stream dammed for a reservoir for a canal.

Oh, where I was heading was to comment that after all that lake passing, here are two I did not know about. I’m going to have to do some research and see a comparison in size between Twin Lakes and Hall and Beck Lakes. Then I’ll drive down and look because, hey, I always wanted to travel. Sorry, silly remark; it just popped out.

I see from the map there is a Bunea Vista Road by one of the lakes. Maybe that explains it. Perhaps it wasn’t here earlier; maybe it’s a Mexican lake that migrated up here. I think that was also a silly remark. I’m going to have to work on control here.

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