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Mask problem

August 12th, 2020 ·No Comments

Jeez Louise. At first I thought the mask for the virus was a convenient way for me to hide my mouth, which is large, and, for that matter, larger than my overall dental structure. The latter just emphasizes the bigness of my mouth. I didn’t realize it until the dental hygienist pointed it out – Oh, fie on her. However, I was not aware of how much I depended on that big mouth of mine to grin and navigate through society.  Apparently, I have what might be called somewhat of an Eisenhower grin; I believe it has bought me some extra slack with people over the years. (We aren’t even going to talk about the dimples.)

So, now, I have to be extra polite in my body language and I’m not very good at that. Also you don’t have much time when you are passing someone to express a grin in body language. Seventy plus years, taken as a whole, has given me a wide spectrum of grins, and, in other cases, incredible “looks of death”.

And then there is the nose. My nose is normal, not too large and not to small and shaped in no way that would make it easily represented in an identi-kit used by police folks. If anything, it is a not uncute little nose. And it’s covered.

That leaves my eyes, which are deep-set and crowding my nose. There is no mask over them and I wear glasses to boot. I feel unarmed. Maybe I should feel protected since I am less likely to come out with a sarcastic remark while masked. Actually, I miss that also.

The only good thing is that my lips are thin and therefore not Beautiful People lips. But with me and the latter being masked the BP lose their advantage. Of course, those that have paid for lip plumping injections are probably pissed off now. That, however, is not uplifting enough to counter the grin loss.

Well, maybe this is the time to rob a bank.

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