It is safe? and The German Look

Of course, I picked up the Is is safe? question from the movie, The Marathon Man, and then I was introduced to the German Look by the book, In the Garden of Beasts Erik Larson. The last reference, if it unfamiliar to you, is about the habit Germans developed in the 1930’s of looking around to see who was watching/listening before they said anything about the politics of the time. That was because they were worried about the growing Nazi influence.

There are indications in this era that is the situation is reversed. Often, if anyone even asks for a clarification of terms, poses a philosophical question or simply asks to have something explained, the group of people opposed to the current administration are not inclined to say, “Well, let me give you my take on that matter.”

You can witness on the Internet social media sites that a lot don’t answer, but, in essence, proclaim, “You jerk.”

One example is the word immigrant. Yes, we are all immigrants to North America, but can you even wonder about contrasting that to immigrants to the United States. Many early settlers were emigrating to a newly discovered world. They came on sailing ships. During a century plus, they thought about, argued about, and probably came to fisticuffs about the idea of forming a new country. During that time, there was no talk of streets paved with gold.

I have ancestors on both sides of that divide – many came very early to escape religious persecution and the last one to come got here just in time for the Civil War, meaning he probably rode a train to where he enlisted in the Midwest. He was, I would say, an immigrant.

But I am only mentioning this on this obscure site because I just don’t feel like having a mob jump down my throat.

And one other thing, I have presented this thought in my own words, not in a meme posted on Facebook.

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  1. I also had people on both sides of the War for Independence. My grandmother was a proud member of the DAR, not sure what side she was really claiming. lol

    My grandfather was the first person in his family born in the USA. He refused to teach his children Swedish, he said we are Americans, we speak English here.

    The other side of the family was German to the core. Some of the early census roles have their German names spelled correctly and slowly they got Americanized.

    So my family also is a family of immigrants. As you know we have a son-in-law that is an immigrant. I think immigrants make us stronger. They bring diversity and strengthen us. When they come legally. See that’s the issue with me. Legality. If someone comes here illegally from the very beginning they are showing they don’t care about the laws of the nation they supposedly so badly want to be part of. I believe in immigration and I believe that our immigration system needs help (don’t get me started on that issue as we have experienced the brokenness of it first hand) but all the same I believe that despite it’s failures and brokenness people that come here need to come here legally.

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