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The Young Pope

January 14th, 2018 ·No Comments

I had not heard of this HBO presentation until my grandson came around an aisle at Family Video with in in his hand. I did not know it was a series; I thought it was a movie. I nodded knowingly when he looked at me as if I should be aware of it and talked about Jude Law. He didn’t mention Diane Keaton who is also in the show and is about my age and in her nun hat has noticeable wrinkles. That I found out later. It almost kept me from actually watching the show; I kept thinking, “Well, this just can’t be because if it is then I’m . . .(fill in your own old person cliche.)

I got over it and watched all the episodes; I became a binger. I’m not Catholic and so two things were occurring, one being the obvious – even for a non-Catholic – big, unexpected changes in Pope behavior, and the other, just marveling at the atmosphere inside the Vatican.

Now, I know the whole plot and I won’t spill any beans because others might be as new to the show as I was, and unlike me, don’t appreciate the “go to the end of the book” thing.

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