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The Fat Toad Farm

December 8th, 2017 ·1 Comment

I surf the internet in the morning, looking at the news first to see if anything happened that the media feels does not have a Trump twist to it, and then just peeking in nooks and crannies on various sites.This morning one link led me to BuzzFeed, which highlighted a segment on “special” gift-giving.

And that is how I found The Fat Toad Farm and the mention of the special caramel sauces. I immediately sent Der Bingle and LZP a text about it and received back a reply from Der Bingle, asking if we got a family discount. You know, the Fat Toad part, not the caramel mention.

I said that they wanted a picture and would probably put it on their label. Now, I feel Der Bingle is shying away from following up on that, but my money is on LZP who I think can come up with a real winner. After all, he and Der Bingle are both smarter than I am, but when it comes to wicked good cleverness, he truly leaves me in the dust. (Der Bingle is pretty good at that too, but I’d say LZP is a bit more devil may care about it.

So, I am waiting to see if there are any photos showing up . . . Actually, I might just look in the archives and photoshop out the two good-looking sons/nephews of LZP and Der Bingle respectively. That would leave me with uh, Old Kook One and Two?

Oh, there is a codicil I have to had to what may turn out to be my final post and testament: Somewhere along the line, I switched FAT in my mind with OLD and got Old Toad Farm. It was with that in mind that I wrote this post. BUT WHEN I LOOKED CLOSELY, I realized I had a problem: scrub the post or correct it and run for my life? I’m heading for my bolt hole now.

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  • 1 pottermom // Dec 11, 2017 at 11:53 pm

    I went to the Fat Toad Farm link and…. was disappointed at what it was. I really was expecting toads covered in caramel. Is it odd that I thought they were selling caramel coated toads?

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