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Update from Thomas Bickle’s mother

October 20th, 2017 ·No Comments

From a few years I wrote about Thomas Bickle and his family’s story of his fighting a big, bad brain tumor. He lost the fight. It was sad. His mother wrote a blog about his journey and she wrote very candidly and very well.

I think sometime after Thomas’ death, I wrote a comment on her blog expressing my hope that she would not take it down because I felt it would be a help, a comfort, whatever you want to call it to people who were going through a similar experience. And, quite frankly, I think it helps any reader to be a little better than they are. I believe she had already made the decision to let it stay for others to read.

I didn’t have her blog scheduled to show me any updates, but today I was looking for a reference to an author (Elizabeth McCracken) she had quoted from an article in Oprah, the magazine. (I have linked to Sarah’s blog and not the magazine).

My thoughts went to this author and Thomas because a friend from the past in Chicago is in Paris and posted a picture of Notre Dame on her Facebook page. It was a lovely picture and she mentioned a service was taking place while they were there. My mind went to France and religion and . . . nuns. (Who knows what lurks in the neurons of a brain? And, okay, I did think of the hunchback as well.)

Nuns made me think of the story Sarah had cited and I looked it up on her blog. When I arrived on her front page, I saw that she had updated on September 17th of this year. So, of course, I read her entry. It is an important issue. I wanted to pass it on. Thus, this post.

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