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The Smithsonian problem

October 10th, 2017 ·No Comments

When the Discovery Channel was new, along with The Learning Channel, I sometimes would walk into the room, turn on the TV and find myself watching hour after hour. Modern Marvels was an incredibly compelling show and at the end of each segment, I would tell myself that this would be the last. Then a promo for the next show would come on and it would be something along the lines of the Grand Canyon or the Golden Gate Bridge and I would sigh and settle in.

Then, somewhere along the line, it seemed that these educational stations went more to reality shows and following the lives of atypical families or, belief it or not, choosing wedding dresses.

My son had told me about The Smithsonian Channel, but with the long lineup of cable channels, I kept missing it. Then, yesterday, there it was and it was highlighting aerial views of different countries and areas of the United States. The One Hour More Syndrome hit and I spent most of the afternoon watching National Geographic type pictures and hearing factoids of areas about which I had been unaware.

I do hope the channel does not morph into choosing kilts or saris or kimonos.

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