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Water: a danger if taken internally?

September 22nd, 2017 ·No Comments

I have upped my consumption of regular old water, although I will allow that most of what I drink is bottled water from Ice Mountain. The main reason I stick with Ice Mountain is because I like the sound of the name and the flash of pleasant mood I feel when I glance at the label. Forest beneath the iced capped mountain – yes, yes, yes, it stirs something inside me. Another reason, which formed in my own mind, has to to do with the Artesians of Olympia Beer. They were the little elf-like guys that manufactured the beer. Please, no one tell me this is a myth or advertising ploy; I simply won’t belief it.

Yes, Virginia, Artesians do exist.

Having taken a byroad here, I’ll return to the point I am supposed to me making. It seems that with a marked increased consumption of water, I have found more energy, even to the point of going outside in 85+ weather with a pruning saw. I look forward to drinking water, something I used to experience only after having done something that has perspiration flowing down my face or during a fever.

Then, again, there is the exercise from toting in a 28 or 32 pack of bottles, but that’s internal usage, although the effort does encourage it. What if the water has me work myself to death? No, that’s certainly not a possibility,


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