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They predicted rain and storms and thunder and lightning

May 26th, 2016 ·1 Comment

It is muggy outside, very muggy and I am covered with mulch dust and dirt from pulled weeds roots and have a triple layer of dried sweat on my body. However, rain was predicted for today. So, last night, after I had picked up someone at Kroger’s at 10 pm, I decided to leave my clothes on and sleep in the rough and be ready to do a little more quick outdoor dirty work this morning.

Possibly that indicates a total lack of class; possibly it indicates an innate sense of true class, not bound by the judgemental rules of white gloved women. Perhaps it means nothing: I’m going with the second interpretation – it gives me a good feeling.

First thing this morning was to drive another person to Kroger’s as dawn was breaking. Just as I pulled into my driveway on the way back, a police car blinked its lights at me. Odd, I thought, but I stopped at the end of the drive and looked at the car and I HAD NO DIM HEADLIGHTS. This is not good, so I took my mulchy, filthy body over to a dealership and said, “I know I look like H***, but I’ve got a problem. He said, “Ma’am, you look fine.” I don’t think it was intending to lie; I think he was shocked and grasping for a variation on the “The customer is always clean” motto and stammered out what he could.

There was a recall for a module; because of the holiday it may not be in until after that weekend. Fortunately, the days are long.

I took my dirty self home and started to finish up some things to prepare for rain. I cleared the area I want the rain to soften so I can pound in a mulch border – think of it as Trump’s Wall agains mulch crossing onto my concrete. Or don’t think about it at all. I spread out a rug with a bear printed on it on a table with a woven metal top that will let the rain water pass on through. I picked up sticks and twigs and put them in the fire pit and covered it up. Then, sigh, I noticed the sky seemed lighter.

Looking at the weather guru site, I saw that whoa, the 100% chance of rain and storms was now under 50%. I don’t do well with coin flips. The sun has actually come out. I may have to perform a sacrificial ritual: getting in the shower and taunting the lightning powers that be.

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  • 1 pottermom // May 26, 2016 at 10:17 pm

    Don’t know if you got your rain but we got plenty to share. Water running over the streets in our neighborhood during a massive downpour. Hopefully it didn’t wash away my new sod. I’m not hopeful.

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