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Me and my Mobius Strip

May 15th, 2016 ·No Comments

It was rainy and cold on the 14th and I got my hair cut and then decided it was too chilly to plant ferns and hostas; I also decided I would wait until Colin leaves for his group home to start a major reorganization of things in the house. I was thinking piles for right now – making certain clothing for people is in specific piles as it goes through the wash. Oh, and I have to reschedule the electrician also. As it was, I fell down on the job, after I went to the store. I snacked and figured I do stuff on Sunday, which is today.

Today,though, I started thinking about Mobius strips. I know, I’m leaving off the little dots over the “o” – I don’t want to look for them on my keyboard. After I thought for awhile, I made a strip. Okay, so you can go along the surface all the way and come back where you started without going over the edge. It seems to me that this edge thing is sort of a trick. Does an edge have thickness when you are talking about lines. Assuming you have glue on your feet, you could walk along a strip, reach the end, hold on, swing your feet around and walk upside down back the other way. You’d have to have glue on your boots to follow the twist of the Mobius thingie or you would fall off. Gravity doesn’t exist with those strips? Now, technically, you aren’t walking straight on a Mobius strip, you are only staying in the middle. If you went by the compass you would walk right off it.

But, you see, I am wrong – WRONG – about this. I am living in a world I do not understand, which is starting to bother me. And I’m not even going to consider quantum stuff – I’m here, no, I’m there. What is it like for people who understand these concepts? What does the rest of the world look like to them? When they tell you in grade school that the earth is speeding along with you on it even though you feel as if you are standing still, you go “Okay.” Do these other folks feel accepting it isn’t enough – that you have to understand it?

And exactly why is a smaller object attracted to a larger, denser one? Yes, I’m asking you, Gravity, what the heck are you? I’m not going to even start to think about all the space in the atoms of my body, and the idea if everything was all lined up just right in Goldilocks fashion, I could walk through a wall.

This bothers me; here I am living and I don’t know. I can’t understand. Could it be because half my brain started eastward on a train from San Francisco in 1948 and the other half started westward from New York and they are traveling very, very slowly and haven’t met yet. Or maybe they missed each other. Maybe for one split second, the halves of my brain passed each other on a double track and were almost close enough to make sense of things – but not close enough and not for long enough.

Perhaps that moment of meeting came early on and was when I successfully tied my shoes. That would be kind of a Mobius Strip thing . . . maybe.

I’ll make one more comment, however. All this thinking about this stuff certainly puts someone getting in my face and calling me a jerk in perspective.

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