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Indiana primary and AmeliaJake

April 25th, 2016 ·1 Comment

Oh, my goodness. I am going to go and vote in May at some precinct place I haven’t figured out because they consolidated voting places and the Methodist Church is no longer an option.  That is the least of my concerns when it comes to the primary, however.  It seems surreal, this political year. Somehow, I need to figure out a plan before this fateful Tuesday . . . and it’s looking unlikely that I will reach a decision with which I am comfortable. Too bad Rose is not running.

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  • 1 Pottermom // Apr 26, 2016 at 9:29 am

    My opinion (oh so important you know) is that you vote. Vote for who you want. Then you can gripe and complain all you want because you had a say. My issue is with people who don’t vote and then complain about it. No vote, no right to complain. Vote so you can grouse along with the rest of us. No matter who wins someone is not going to be happy.

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