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Automatic little vacuuming friends

March 9th, 2016 ·No Comments

I just read a post in which a Roomba was mentioned; I did not know the name but after finding out it was a round automatic vacuum cleaner that resembles a LARGE hockey puck, I decided the company had probably made a pun on Rumba. I suspect this – and, being AmeliaJake, I must call it “this little creature” – will pick up perhaps a nickname and sooner-or-later member of the family status.

Is it possible people will deliberately drop a little dust on the floor as a treat for the little fellow. Your Roomba feeling down? Offer it a Dust Bunny by Vacuum Treats, Inc.

And what if it sucks up something accidentally left on the floor? Will it feel guilty as you hold it up, look at it and say, “I thought I could trust you. Now cough it up.”

Now if someone had two Roombas, I can see the possibility of races, mazes.

And, truthfully, if I were to bring one into my house, I think it would refuse to get out of the box or just consider ending its existence – maybe holding its breath until it had sucked itself into a black hole.

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