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Hooked on Houses visitor vs. cleaning this old house

February 4th, 2016 ·No Comments

I’d say the post title is self-explanatory. I really like the Hooked on Houses site and I can spend a lot of time looking at all the different homes in different areas. However, I do miss the highlighted Bad MLS listing section that used to have its own tab; now you have to search for examples.

My house would be a bad listing because it is outdated. I have always found that concept ridiculous. Life is certainly more than trends. Who cares what the wallpaper style is as long as you have a roof over your head? Well, I suppose that shows the difference between me and those with class. I don’t really care; I can live with a lot of things.

Now that is not to say I would not appreciate having someone come in and put really great furnishings and decor here, but it’s that wishes and horses thing. There is another consideration: just who is going to keep everything in order and clean? MOi? I don’t think so. If I had a spectacular house I think I would live in one room where I had all my favorite things.

That brings us to the problem that I have too many favorite things. I need to downsize – both me and my stuff. If I used the energy it would take to organize all my stuff – including getting rid of some of it – I would probably downsize myself in the process.

You can compare cleaning to writing. When you are assigned to write on some topic and you have not a word down and the clock is ticking, it seems so overwhelming. However, if something is already written and you are going through to polish it, it ain’t so bad. Dusting a clean room might be like that. Doing housework here, now, would be like the former – so overwhelming I couldn’t stand it. In fact, I can’t, so I don’t.

I need to rent OCD people who need to clean. Their families are upset with them for always bustling around, so they can come to my house and work their heads off and lie about being at a spa. Hey, I’ll be an enabler for an OCD housekeeper. Maybe she might even pay me.

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