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When you dream about an ordinary day

January 29th, 2016 ·No Comments

I wonder if I could claim that I have been up for almost two days? Last night I had a long, dull, frustrating dream about chores that I do during the week. This was not a dream where I analyzed those chores; no, no, this was a dream in which I performed those chores in a tedious manner. There was no fast forwarding.

What is so truly annoying is that I spent the night doing them, but they were not done this morning. However, I guess it is better than a all-out nightmare, complete with frantic, fumbling incompetence and things you cannot reach no matter how fast you run . . . or trying to run and having your legs move as if in sticky deep goop.

I walked into the kitchen today and found someone had made popcorn with an air popper and guess what, there was popcorn on the floor. Did they not notice these big white clumps; was there no tug of conscience to sweep them up. Well, we know the answer to that.

I need a punching bag, a big one.

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