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Where has AmeliaJake been?

September 28th, 2015 ·No Comments

You don’t want to know, but part of it involves taking a kitchen range apart and putting it back together and part of it involves standing on a woodpile with an extension pole to reach a spot that needed to be painted.

Part of it also involves a shifting in the house Internet network coverage and my constantly being dropped. I found myself looking at the screen and saying BAD WORD IT.

I have pictures of the wiring of the range – lots of pictures, so I could keep track of what went where. They would bore you, although you might be surprised by the sheer number of wires involved. But the putting it back together was the interesting part; if it were a movie, you would be watching from behind the sofa, peeking over at the suspense every few seconds.

When I threw the circuit breaker back on, the problem still existed and I was actually not overly upset – I was relieved the stove came on and everything worked as it had before. It didn’t throw off tons of sparks and set the house on fire. Of course, this means I have an old stove with probably some switch/circuit malfunctions.

I have a plan, but I’m keeping mum about it because, well, you’ve read about my other antics and I don’t want you to worry. It does not involve a chain saw.

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