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Inside my chest freezer

September 9th, 2015 ·No Comments

Yes, you can get a body inside a chest freezer, but we all knew that from all the movies on TV. Now I know it because I realized there was just way too much frost lining the freezer walls and I took everything out. When I went to clean it, I discovered stubborn stains in the bottom corners. I’m short and leaning over just didn’t do it; the step ladder idea didn’t work well either. I climbed inside with a spray bottle of cleaner and a roll of paper towels.

Actually, it  wasn’t bad in there, not that I could stretch out and I suppose I would tire of getting low enough for the top to close. Climbing out was a little troublesome as well. After going to all that work to clean it out, I hated to put the frozen stuff back in, but I did because who wants roasts, hams and turkeys rotting on your basement floor?

Then I cleaned out the old refrigerator that’s down there. It is working much better since I discovered the iceball that had formed in the back of the freezer.  What is all this domestic work I’ve been doing? Could it be that I have had some sort of breakdown?

What do you think?

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