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Summer grass

August 11th, 2015 ·No Comments

When you don’t have a fancy suburban lawn, but, instead, are responsible for mowing a rural yard, part of which was converted from a field, it is not unusual to get what people older than I have called “summer grass.” It is probably a short weed, but being green and not growing like a vine, can pass for grass. However, in late summer, when it has been warm/hot long enough to get the actual earth nice and warm and when there as been adequate rain, it starts fattening up its blades. Each blade of grass expands with water and when the blade of the lawn mower cuts it, the moisture spews out and pretty soon, you have a major green blob of clogging mush. Those fat blades also dull the mower blades quickly.

I think I am going to have to face it today. The last time I mowed, I cut the grass very short, too short actually, but I suppose there was a little AmeliaJake vengeance in my choice of cutting level. Then we did a a few days without rain . . . and I decided to push my luck. Frankly, from a distance, when it gets taller, it has a nice lush green appearance and as long as there is not mowed spot showing, it looks not bad at all. Up close it is a different story. I’m going to find out what chapter I’m on today. We have had some rain; I just don’t know how the height chips fell.

I will have to wait until after 12 to even consider getting started, though, because when you are between a river and a creek on a block of land the settlers called “the island”, the dew lingers forever. It will also be a mosquito repellent-wearing afternoon, and I think it will be one of weed killer application. It is cloudy right now, but I think  it is supposed to NOT rain. However, I don’t know if the clouds will stick around and trap in all the moisture. I may find myself in a pickle.

Gee, isn’t this interesting? I’m sure Donald Trump doesn’t have these concerns. Too bad I can’t go out there and arrogant it into submission. Say, I wonder who mows his head.

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