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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – Did I miss something?

August 8th, 2015 ·No Comments

Two of us went to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation last night because it was someone’s birthday and because we have a really nice refurbished theater in town with $5 ticket prices and the first refill on the popcorn is free. The movie about those fantastic four people was playing on the other screen, but it got a 9 on the Rotten Tomatoes scale and even if it had been highly touted, it is not my type of movie.

In the very first scenes on the MI movie, I found myself thinking of the Bruce Willis movies where all the old spies get together. There were quite a few laughs in the movie and I kept wondering if it were an action film with training wheels for newbies to the genre who needed a slow introduction to the tension present in some of the original ones. THIS IS NOT REAL was virtually stamped on all the actors foreheads, along with THIS IS NOT NEW AND WAS FIRST DONE 30 YEARS AGO  on the foreheads of rubberized facial masks. Of course, all those years ago, the masks were made with a computer 3-D printer in a glass cylinder but that’s just a detail.

In addition to the movie with the birthday, we know have 10 helium balloons floating around the house – five of which are Elmo’s. They are cute; they float to the ceiling and stare down at you with there big Elmo eyes and orange noses; you almost expect them to giggle. It is a tradition that isn’t worth explaining and will probably have disappeared by the time the 19 year old is the age of this scribe.

Because the 19 year old’s mother is working a Baylor Nursing Shift this weekend, we will probably have an on-going birthday week starting Monday. (The day the birthday person has a doctor’s appointment -HAHAHAHAAH. I shouldn’t laugh, but I do. At least it’s not the dentist.)


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