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Grass in Kendallville

May 24th, 2015 ·No Comments

I’ve mowed the grass twice now and it needs it again. Actually, it needs a master gardener, but I’ve put a sign up by my hedge that says DELIBERATE WILDERNESS in that color.  I stuck a shepherd’s hook in close to it and hung a basket of yellow flowers as sort of a peace offering to those who like everything neat, but it probably just aggravates them more.

You see, the hedge is just on the property line and I like it tall. Unfortunately a wire runs right along that same line, so I am trying to get the hedge to spread to the north. It’s working, but the wildflower seeds I threw down in the area are looking like weeds. It is an unruly hedge, not unlike this AmeliaJake.

When I go on walks I see hedges that are neatly trimmed to a certain level. I have noticed, though, that clipping a hedge at a consistent level must often be a challenge because sometimes it comes out wavy. I think if I were to trim a hedge, I’d tie a string across the length, but I would no doubt clip it. But, of course, I am not going to trim a hedge. So it is a moot point, and if I were talking instead of typing it would be a mute point . . . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

Back to the grass. No, not tonight.

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