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Morning drearies

December 30th, 2015 ·No Comments

I have a major case of the Morning Drearies. The symptoms are primarily a profound aversion to actually starting anything. I have not started to go get the oil changed in the car; I have not started to even think about taking the shower I need to take before I can go get the car new oil and transmission fluid. In fact, I thought about it and started to get up off my compfy sofa and half-way up I thought, “Nah, humbug to that.” I sat back down.

But this is the real clue that I have a severe case of the Drearies – I have not even started reading any of the new books on my Kindle . . . and I have not checked the sites that have limited-time offers on good books – you know, the FREE or $.99 deal on the books that are best sellers. Once they offered The Inferno by Brown for FREE, back when it was hot, hot, hot on the bestseller list.

I need something to get me motivated, but preferably not a good kick in the ass, to use a bit of vulgar language my father would have frowned at. I don’t know, since the Morning Drearies are getting pretty darn close to being a case of the All Day Drearies, maybe in lieu of the Kick in the A**, I should line up for an invigorating Slap up the Side of the Head.

I think I might be going easy on myself; it may not be the Drearies at all. It may be the Lazies. I have not even brought in the dirty clothes from my trip to be washed – good thing it’s cold in my trunk. This is not a difficult task – bring dirty clothes in, open washer, drop them in, add soap and push a button. Oh, Heavens, I’ve tired myself out already. This does not bode well for an active new year and if I were to make New Year’s Resolutions, the list would be so incredibly long, even thinking of doing it is daunting.

I need fairy dust; I need some happy, cheerful fairy godmother to come along and sprinkle me with the dust of “Whistle While You Work” industriousness and motivation.

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