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May 12th, 2016 ·No Comments

Yesterday was not particularly confusing; I just had to pay attention and keep alert. No sitting with a book, hearing something going on and come to awareness of real life with a “What? What? What?” Actually, it was a follow the bouncing ball day.

First off, my grandson got up early for work, then dozed off and at the last minute we got the show on the road – sans his coffee, which is not a wise thing. Then talking with a group home facilitator – hey, it was the first word that came to mind and stomping trash and gathering up more trash because someone camped out in front of the TV with a 24 pack of soda and there was no Ranger sign that said, Please put all trash in receptacle painting on a can with a swinging lid. How could I have forgotten to do that? Sigh.

It was a short day for my grandson at work and I was there to pick him up, but, at another last minute, no one else showed up, so he had to stay an extra two hours. This turned out to be not bad because he was scheduled for his lunch break and asked me to come in and join him.

I went on home then, only to discover my older son backing out of the garage with his son and a dog in tow because they had to visit the group home. I had to step up and say, “I’ll babysit the dog.” I finally convinced the little furry one to come back into the house and I was thinking maybe I could sort of pass of the job to my granddaughter. However, she’s busy and the dog’s behaving himself so we go about our business . . . until my cell phone rings and my grandson wants to know if his sister can come into work two hours early because even more people have not shown up.

I would not call her a happy camper, but she got on the bus and we headed off, the dog in the backseat. Now, I drop her off and realize it is only 30 minutes until I have to be back to get her brother. After thinking of the time it would take to get the dog back into the house and then almost immediately back into the car, I elect to wait in the parking lot. I think the dog is used to waiting and he sat in the bask seat watching people come and go.

When Cameron came out, he remarked that he had not expected to see a dog and I went with the “It’s a long story” line. Cameron announced that he thought the dog’s name should be changed to Charley. I have no idea why, but he may have a point. The dog seemed to think so.

Cameron had intended to take his brother to a movie that evening, but when the latter got home, he said he was worn out from his trip. Ok, change of plans again. Laundry, vacuuming, getting granddaughter at nine pm.

And today? Well, one to school just now, one to take to Fort Wayne to appointment and, drat, how did all that stuff get on the floor again?

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