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Zee mulch and zee snow

April 11th, 2016 ·No Comments

It snowed on my mulch and the mulch by the car froze on it. I suppose that sets the tone for this summer, which is looking like a shaggy landscape  by a little known company: Old Lady is Me Landscaping. I should put the words on separate little signs so pedestrians can read them one after the other just like the old Burma Shave signs on the highway. Right there is evidence I am an old lady. Good Heavens, I remember reading them while standing on the hump on the floor of the back seat in an old sedan.

I have here in Kendallville a postage stamp yard, but you know, it feels bigger when measured in bending and picking up twigs and chores that use other muscles.  You have to sigh; I mean you pick up a stick and then what do you do? Stand there and hold it? No, you have to take it to a pile and then go out for more. I wish someone would invent a wood magnet. Oh, I didn’t think that through. A tree would no doubt fall on me.

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