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Diet Cran-Mango by Ocean Spray

March 16th, 2016 ·1 Comment

This is an odd thing to write about – a variant of cranberry juice, but I am prompted by the need to acknowledge that I was wrong in my assumption I would not like it. Yes, AmeliaJake was wrong. I don’t know what I thought it would taste like – perhaps mango ruined by cranberry. But the mango flavor can’t be denied and it is refreshing and only five calories per serving.

I find it a nice alternative to flavored iced tea, and, in true AmellaJake fashion I have started mixing it with various flavored iced teas. I need to start writing down my ratios of what to what or I will find myself with something truly delicious and be unable to reproduce it. (That happened to one of the researchers extracting insulin from pancreatic tissue in Montreal and when he couldn’t repeat his formula, the first credit and a Nobel Prize went to Fred Banting – a rural physician with a bachelor’s in medicine and with an idea. Actually, it’s a complication controversy involving a big wig researcher who shared the prize because, although he scoffed at Banting’s idea, provided minimal laboratory space.)

I know I am getting off subject here, but since I’m pretty much the only one paying attention, it really doesn’t matter. However, I will get back to liquid refreshments of questionable concoction. This past week end, I mixed pink lemonade mix with raspberry flavored green tea and it was really, really good. I have no idea how much of the former was in the glass when I sloshed in the latter. I also am not certain of the strength I used for the original two components themselves. I thought it would be okay enough to drink; I did not expect it to taste great.

So, now, I must enter the big world of experimentation; at least my kidneys will be happy.

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  • 1 Crisco Kid // Mar 21, 2016 at 10:44 am

    ACK spitooooie If you are going to drink flavorless liquids that are good for you….. cough sputter thud might as well have one of Dr. Bill’s Famous Pine Floats. take a glass of water and drop a toothpick in it… enjoy…
    I will stick to the beer, gravy and milkshakes..
    Poncho and Lefty

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