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Fence painting – but not a mural

August 28th, 2015 ·No Comments

We have started painting zee fence. (Feeling a little Frenchie for a moment) and it is Pebble Grey.  My shorts now have Pebble Grey spots on them, but, hey, that’s okay since I had a bleach accident with them a year ago.

It is always enlightening to realize how BIG a fence is that encloses a SMALL area when you start painting. I don’t know how long it will take us but I am looking forward to the part when we get to where the woodpile used to be, because a couple of years I painted the fence with the wood piled in front of it and it looks a little odd now that the wood is gone.

If I had artistic talent, I would paint an evergreen forest on the fence panels with a path leading somewhere magical. But I don’t, so Pebble Grey is as magical as it gets. Maybe I can pretend it is a gentle fog rolling in, carrying the scent of the sea. I could add a fog horn for verisimilitude, or I could stand out there and pretend to be a fog horn. I suppose that would get old and I might wind up in an asylum with Pebble Grey walls – not too stimulating, dontcha know?

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