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An interesting morning’s diversion

February 8th, 2015 ·No Comments

About 40 years ago, a lady of unbounded energy and ambition introduced me to Estee Lauder. I can remember standing at the counter as if it were yesterday. I bought a foaming cleanser, and astringent and a moisturizer. And with age, I have lost the astringent and added other products – oh, like Night Repair, for instance.

Now, one of my grandmothers did not have a wrinkle on her face at the age of 80. I have not been that lucky, but for a long time, my skin retained a fairly youthful look. When people questioned my age, I replied “genes and Estee Lauder” and let it go at that. I don’t know how much credit goes to the company’s skin care products, but I ain’t fooling with the habit of a lifetime.

I could remember the lady’s name at the time, but she has since remarried and the last name escaped me. However, I knew she had a notable career and with a first name and some key words, I found what I believed to be her current name. So I Googled some more; I found one site that I knew was her, but as I scrolled down, I came across a picture that – taking into account her love of life spirit – proclaimed she is definitely the one.

I know they usually block out the eyes to preserve privacy, but, in this case, the eyewear is the dead giveaway. So, in reverse, I give you my Estee Lauder connection:


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