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I talked about an easy December

January 1st, 2015 ·No Comments

It’s January 1st, new month, new year and one of the omens aren’t good. Omen isn’t the right word because that implies a sign of something to come. We don’t need a sign; it’s here. It is cold and we are going to be having snow and slick conditions and more COLD. It feels like 2 degrees out there.

Now, if you want omens or call them indicators if you scoff at the former, look at the time just before midnight and just after last night – the time that horribly tacky looking ball came down on Times Square. I remember remarking it looked like something from The Price is Right. I started to open a can of Diet Cherry Coke – so wrong, it fizzes all over my pants, not because it had been shaken by a New Year’s reveler, but because it was almost frozen. When I relieved the pressure, it geysered out as COLD slush. I don’t know why I am capitalizing COLD all the time now; maybe I am just peeved.

That peevishness could be related to a Words With Friends game I started before midnight and was flattened by soon after. Oh, it was horrendous. And I have to live with it for the next 365 days – unless I die and then it won’t be that long. Someone may put it on a tombstone, though, which is a good reason for the scattering of anonymous ashes.

Now, granted, when I saw the handwriting on the wall – or the pixel tiles on the pixel board, I thought, “Oh heck, blocking is just going to delay the inevitable.” Maybe, but it turned out not blocking was like throwing myself off a cliff. It went downhill from there; I believe that pun was definitely intended.

I started out with a reference to an easy December – not too cold, easy travel. Well, that’s over. The weather prediction is not good for someone in rural Northern Indiana. Now that Shane is gone, I am tempted to put a jar of peanut butter in a basket, put on my red riding hood and camp out by the heat source at the LaGrange house – as long as the cellular connections continue working. Just my Sprint phone, my Verizon ipad and my Kindle with 3G – and my Moo blanket:

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