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Pictures from my weekend

December 1st, 2014 ·1 Comment

This picture is blurry because my hand was shaking in fear of divine retribution.
husk angel

This is a corn husk angel after I attempted to reposition her on a wreath; I broke her halo . . . and actually managed to rip her head right off. Glue and special tape and maybe, just maybe I will not be zapped, as long as I follow her instructions: Don’t touch me again!

It was rainy and gloomy in Ohio and Der Bingle and I were trying to eat light and relax. And then the sun came out, and so did we. He took me to a place some the people in his office area call “The Dead Meat Place.” Its real name is City Barbeque and I think I have found a new favorite spot, complete with beaver.

No, beaver is not on the menu, which was fine with me, and I suppose, with him.

You can get all sizes of portions and I went small, but had a Big Festive Moment when I spied the ice-filled cooler of bottled soda with Cheerwine included.
one of my favorite things

Because the mid afternoon period was as cheery as my wine – sorry, I guess, I’m feeling the lingering festivity – we decided to drive down to what they call The Green and walked around.

tree on the green

Yes, it does look a bit too perfect, but then this is a place with a lot of engineers at the Air Force Base and at the universities – not to mention hangers where supposed aliens may or may not be housed.

Then, because we had eaten lightly at lunch and because we had no will power, we stopped in The Cheesecake Factory for a drink and a slice of the calorie-laden delights. And because I was feeling a little sophisticated, I had Der Bingle take a picture of the ceiling and wall.

I scarfed all my cheesecake, but Der Bingle brought half of his piece home and this morning I got a message on my phone from him: It’s diet time again.

I believe the corn husk angel is hiding out in a foxhole until she is certain I am gone. Just thought I’d share that.

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  • 1 Anonymous // Dec 4, 2014 at 8:41 pm

    We believe that City Barbecue is referred to as selling “smoked dead animals” rather than “dead meat”. Not even Government workers want to eat “live meat.”

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