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Middle of the night

October 7th, 2014 ·No Comments

I woke up and thought I had heard Shane indicating that he wanted to go out, but he was not around and so I wondered if I should check this out. I found him upside down in the living room chair – going paws up has an entirely different meaning for Shane. He woke enough to stare at me.

So, okay, I settle back down, only sleep eludes me and I find myself thinking that I’m glad Shane didn’t want out because a couple of nights ago, I think a neighbor animal encountered a skunk near out fence. Ah, but then, he did want out. He’s out there now, with I don’t know what else.

I imagine if I go over and look he will be lying in one of his favorite spots watching over the sheep of the night. It’s comparably warm this night and probably quite comfortable for the furball. However . . . I think it would be a good idea to bring him in, for I am either smelling skunk or imagining it.

Yes, AmeliaJake, do it NOW.

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