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Tomorrow the Indiana Primaries

May 2nd, 2016 ·No Comments

As the election year goes by, one calendar page at a time, I find myself being enlightened, and not really by politics. True, I think there’s been a heck of a muddle with entire last two years of political jockeying, but it seems like child’s play as I realize how sheltered I have been. But, the hell with that; it’s time to get a grip and stop being shocked.

What then do I write about? Everybody and his brother is writing about politics and it’s hard to trump that. Of course, that was an awful, embarrassing pun, but, I have a reputation to keep up here. I can’t suddenly just start ignoring bad puns or suddenly begin to spit out sublime ones. It would be too shocking.

I did read a free book on Kindle and half-way through declared that it was just trash without being trashy. There was no Red Light District stuff in it; it was just 2nd grade level passing itself off as an adult novel. It was like a four piece jigsaw puzzle, to be generous in my review. I think I’m being generous in not identifying it. This all begs the question of why did I keep reading it; well, I did not. I have learned how go to the last few electronic pages of a Kindle with the same flourish of disgust and rolling of eyes that I used with a book with paper pages. I did decide not to hurl the Kindle across the room, however.

If I knowingly want to use reading as an escape, I would prefer it be a well-written character study or a mystery with an ingenious plot. I do not want a DUD. I can’t stand duds. You can find duds everywhere, and I imagine in some categories, I am a DUD, but we should have a protective cloak we can grab.

I have almost decided on days I wake up with the duds, to put a sign around my neck telling people to beware or the DUD ZONE.

I have mentioned before that I have been at one event where one of the major players was so much of a DUD, it was all I could do to keep from standing up and screaming DUD. I did, afterwards, talk with people using the word DUD 50% of the time.

Maybe tomorrow, I will walk into the voting booth and write in DUD. Too bad I didn’t get this idea earlier; I could have started a grassroots movement and DUD would get our votes at the convention.

If I could carry a tune, I would write a song in which all the lyrics were DUD   DUD  DUD    DUD   DUD  DUD     DUD   DUD  DUD      DUD   DUD  DUD.

Drat, I’ve had it.

Oh, I see I did not get on an uplifting topic. Well, once more for old time’s sake: DUD.

I can do better than that:




DUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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