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No liquids around computers

April 28th, 2016 ·No Comments

I try to keep liquids away from my computer, but sometimes I will take a drink of something as I am reading or typing. I did that this morning. I glanced at a picture, turned my head to get a mouthful of tea, read the caption under the picture and ALMOST SPIT MY TEA OUT OVER THE KEYBOARD AND SCREEN. One of those reflexive reactions that just happen.  Fortunately, I was able to turn my head in the nick of time.

I think I need to post something akin to the warnings about machinery use at the top of my screen to remind me to not bring a mouthful of potentially damaging tea anywhere near my computer.

I don’t like it when people do what I have just done – refer to something that made them become aghast, because the natural response is to ask, “What?” Shoot the backstory is too long and complicated, just like most backstories  – or outright stories in this political year, to spontaneously strike anyone’s funny bone or outrageous meter.

I suppose astonished violent spitting(as long as it’s not over electronics) is better than my reaction I had two days ago when I encountered a similar situation. I partially choked and tea pushed out and rolled down my chin and then the coughing began.

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