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Front yard mowing

April 24th, 2016 ·No Comments

I think I had snow on my mulch pile about a week ago, and yesterday I mowed the front yard – with my mother’s electric mower. It does all right, but the cord business can get a little tricky. We had a hedge trimming accident with one of my really long cords and the other was wound up so neatly, I was loathe to mess it up.

I thought to myself that I would just be trying the mower out for this summer’s use and opted for a short cord. After figuring out that the breaker in the garage for the plug I was using needed to be reset, I gave the mower a try. It started,  which was good, but then committed me to a test mow strip. And then I thought I’d do another and so on. Soon I needed another cord and attached a short one. This happened twice more and the last time around I was in the position of the plug ends  not being compatible, so I wound up unwinding my neatly wound cord. A little ironic, dontcha know.

It turned out the dandelions were really short and the mower whirled above them; it was frustrating, but at least the yard did not look like an expanse of bumps. I am planning on doing the back yard today and maybe even starting a fire when it gets toward evening. And I will be mulching more – strange how that hovers around the back of my memory and every now and then pokes my mind with a maniacal laugh.

LZP sent pictures of spring in Iowa: I sent back a picture of dandelions. Maybe I will be able to make wine, at least.

I have to get out there and start mulching and sweating and mowing and sweating before I take a shower – or maybe I could just spend the next few days greasy,  grimy and gritty. Sometimes I wish I had an “AmeliaJake Wash” – not unlike a car wash. I could just stand there and be wet, soaped, rinsed and dried. I don’t know about the buffing option.

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