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Kendallville’s Sprint store gets my approval

April 16th, 2016 ·No Comments

The constant new technological world  has people not realizing that you had to go to a library and, if smart, “let your fingers do the walking” (Yellow Pages – old phone book lingo) in the old days. I am not using the new phrase, in the day, because I am talking old here. Got it? Now, of course, it may be at your fingertips, but you can just “swipe” or ask Siri. Until the smart phone gives up the ghost.

As I wrote yesterday, my phone developed a quirk – it would not call and not message, although I was able to text to Ohio. Don’t try to go figure – the tech guy at the Sprint store couldn’t figure it out. He tried everything to get my phone to snap out of its snit. Well, it would not.

And so, I now have a new phone. I have long been eligible for upgrade, but did not want to go big and the iphone  5se wasn’t included in the upgrade plan. I was happy with my iphone 5 and well-satisfied to be offered a 5s.

They were very nice at the store and offered to transfer my data to the new phone. Ack. They did not realize how many pictures I had and Heaven Knows Whatelse, Mr. Alison (another classic movie reference) It took a long time and they babysat my phone while I ran errands.

Later that afternoon/early evening I was texting when all of a sudden the phone told me I had no SIM card; yeah, right. I got in the car and went back and the fellows gave an ooh and ah look of disbelief and opened it up, reset the card and sent me on my way, with the invitation to come back if I anything came up.

We will see. Actually, I suppose I will go back if nothing comes up . . . on the screen.

Fingers crossed, pleased.

Oh, and by the way, technological glitches can be very tiring and you get nothing else done. I could have gotten tired in the old-fashioned way – mulching and putting the downstairs in some sort of order, following the great dryer installation miracle. I’ll think about doing that today.


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