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February 22nd, 2016 ·No Comments

Maytag preparation did not get a Day Five post all of its own because my typing fingers were attached to a really tired body that had moved a too big dryer out of a too small laundry  room. Do you know how the delivery guys got the washer into that room? They lifted it up and over a corner of the dryer. It was not an option for me and at one point, I found myself wondering if being found dead lying over a dryer like they used to bring back corpses tied over a horse would make the news.

But, finally, I got it out. AND THE DIRT BEHIND !!!! I made a half-hearted stab at it last evening and then let it wait until this morning. Lint and dust and uneasy access make a great combination for clean GUNK. I know I wrote dirt – in capital letters, no less – but actually soap bubbles and fabric softener sheets gone missing plus lint make something that only looks generically disgusting. When you get up and close and personal with it, it’s not like anything you’d pull out of a clogged pipe or out from underneath a bed in a college dorm. It just sort of colonizes an area and smells not bad. This is totally uninteresting, I know; let’s just call it free association typing. That’s so much  better than calling it crap.

Now, on Day Six, I am starting to get nervous that something will go wrong on Day Seven when they are supposed to fix the washer. There is also the matter of getting the dryer back into the room. Well, were I up to speed on rocket science, I would realize the importance of an extra quarter of an inch. But, if I look at it from a psychological perspective, I can realize it’s just my lack of fortitude and mental stability.

I need to add a little aside here, since I took a dig at Little Miss “Psychology isn’t rocket science.” I have great admiration and respect for those people who offer a helping hand to people struggling with worries and phobias and the like; what I cannot abide is someone who judges a man. Oh, wait, I do that all the time, but I don’t charge for it .


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