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Mayday for Maytag

February 16th, 2016 ·No Comments

Ah yes, the old hurry up and wait and then do it again routine. As I wrote earlier, my Maytag Bravos started screeching and I had to wait for an authorized, certified Maytag repairman. I waited about a week. He came on one of those “all day appointments” – you have to be available all day and if you are not, toooooo bad.

Well, finally he gets here and he starts the machine and it screeches; he tilts it up and shines a light under it and does this whirring thing with an automatic screwdriver or undriver as it were, and says the transmission is a mess. A seal in the tub leaked water and there you go . . .

He has to report it; then there is the wait for parts; it may have to go to the shop; Maytag doesn’t want to pay for that. Sigh

The repairman, who is older, maybe close to my age, then starts rubbing his chest and wincing. I’m thinking . . . Well, you know what I’m thinking. He asks for a glass of water and says that helps. The pain is perhaps esophageal. I didn’t delay him with a bunch of washer questions.

I log into my Maytag account and “chat” with a representative. Do you know they are very polite online and tell you how terribly sorry they are that your four month old machine failed catastrophically. And, no, your warranty doesn’t cover just swapping it out for a replacement. That would save the company too much money, of course; better to have workmen try to patch it together. Yes, the come part – that will take a while and they don’t want to send more than one man and the machine has to be completely taken apart.

It will be laundromat time for moi; I will probably be writing a continuing lamentation about Maytag reliability and service. Now there’s a muse for you.

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