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Kendallville is NOT in the blizzard

January 23rd, 2016 ·No Comments

We are north of the blizzard, quite a bit north, although I believe if I still lived in the Cincinnati area, I would be on the northern edge of it. The sky is blue here; I am not sitting in a bogged-down car on an interstate nor bracing against a pelting wind. That’s good.

However, this morning, after being up late last night, I got up at five to run some people to work and then I came home and worked a Sudoku and looked at the weather mess, highlighted on the Internet sites and thought, Now, what would I do if a blizzard were raging outside while I’m feeling a bit tired?
I was fairly certain that I would find a warm spot and cuddle up and close my eyes and sort of “rest it out” for a while.

There isn’t a blizzard here, of course, but it occurred to me: I can fake this. I then put my little head down on a pillow, grabbed and afghan, closed my eyes and thought, Oh, it is so great to be all warm and cozy. I did a great job faking it and dozed off.

I haven’t done any chores today; actually, I recovering from reassembling things after an all out hunt for someone’s phone yesterday. Despite protestations that I had already looked carefully in some areas, I found myself following behind the phone’s owner who was searching like a dog dig a hole – in everything.

The phone was found – fortunately before I had gone through more than two bags of trash.

Actually, a lot of stuff is still strewn about so I probably will be shoveling anyway, just clutter, not snow. It is tempting to build a nice fire; heck, it’s tempting to read in front of the fire, were I to build it. And maybe throw a little clutter in . . .?

I wouldn’t do that; no not at all. However, I am thinking it would be fun to get a woodchipper and bring it inside with the chute aimed out a window and just, oh, toss a few things in. I suppose I could put a big piece of plywood outside that window and spread glue on it and develop a new genre of modern art. Why throw paint when you can use a woodchipper? It would be a painting/sculpture thing and just think of all the little hidden themes art critics could discover. Oh, yes, this was her anti-demim period, reflecting a need to spruce up her later years with more stylish clothing. Or: She is creating an archaeological* representation of her civilization after it has been trodden over by following nomadic tribes. The observant with find pieces of what were commonly known as “knick knacks” in this era.

The spell checker led me to research the two variant spellings of this word: Archaeological and Archeological, What I found is HERE, if you give a darn.

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