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Cold weather sinus

January 13th, 2016 ·No Comments

Now, what is worse – a sinus headache in warm weather or one in frigid weather? Well, I’d have to say you can be fairly miserable with sinus in heat and humidity, but there is a sharp, alien pain to cold weather sinus. You feel brittle; your nose hints that it might just shatter and fall off your face, sort of like an implosion, from the inside out. That is to say, you don’t have the idea you can reach down and grab your nose and duct tape it back on; no, you suspect it will be like shattered crystal that has been walked over. Your nose is Humpty Dumpty.

Then that icicle reaches up into the sinus over your eye and and you experience something akin to brain freeze without the ice cream or slushie. Of course, I’m letting my imagination run amok here, but it gets my mind off a small, basic complaint – for awhile.

Actually, I should be glad I am not standing out in the cold with my mouth open because when your teeth get too cold, it really is unpleasant. You fold your tongue over them and it doesn’t do anything; you just have to wait it out.

You can tell what a petty day I am having; I have bigger concerns, but it’s easier to worry about my nose disintegrating. Maybe I’ll just sit here and hold it on.

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