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My beef with big, chain stores

January 12th, 2016 ·No Comments

I have no research to back up anything here; it is all opinion, and one opinion at that – mine. I have noticed that when I am asking questions about a product on in a transaction, there can come a time when BAM the worker has to sign off because of the company’s really strict time schedules. Someone new will take over and I have to go over my question again or just let it go.

I understand that in order to offer prices attractive to customers, there is a regimentation of the workforce. But, come on, penalizing a worker for not taking his/her break at precisely such and such time is ridiculous. Of course, the customer is not considered A customer; no, we are lumped together in this amorphous mass. What if a customer doesn’t get decent service because of the strict regulations? It will balance out, the corporation figures. They’ll “take it”. And if one just decided to shop there no more, well, that just it – it’s one . . . and in the end, where else is that one going to go?

I know when I do go in a store, there are certain cashiers I will wait in line for because they are not robots and perhaps inquire if it was still raining out when I came in; there are other workers I will seek out because they will listen to my question, make certain they understand it and don’t just shove the most convenient thing in my hand. A worker who will smile and exchange a few friendly spontaneous words is a breath of fresh air. Ironically, I find myself thinking, “Don’t ask it,” when I sense the automatic “Did you find everything you were looking for?” about to come out of an employee’s mouth.

What I would really not want is to have the job of being the direct superior of the employees who are “first responders” to the customers. Those people are caught between encouraging their team to be responsible and polite to the customers and the corporate push of faster, faster, faster. Unit processed per hour, low staffing, etc.

Remember when the question was “Where’s the beef?” Well, it’s right above.

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