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A sleeping bag and a car – not what you think

January 9th, 2016 ·No Comments

I think it is a very good idea to keep a sleeping bag in your car in winter – especially a well-made, guaranteed to like -50? or so. However, one way or another, a really good sleeping bag wound up on the garage floor and then wrapped around the front axle of a car. I have an idea about the one way or another but I am not going there, because after spending two hours on a garage floor, reaching around a wheel with knives and poultry scissors, I freed the bag – in pieces – and might have the urge to get revenge.

This, Gee, Grandma can get things done wears a little after awhile. I mean to teach someone to not panic, to just figure out what you have to do and do it is one thing when you are passing the torch down generations. It is another when you are being passed the buck.

I did have a little fun with someone Friday. We printed out two copies of the New York Times Hard Sudoku puzzle and sat together on a sofa working separately, only one of us was talking . . . numbers and remarking on how much she had done and how well it was going. So I sighed and asked her to desist, but that only made her think she had more of an edge by doing it.

I remarked that I needed an eraser and concentrated on “DO NOT LISTEN TO THE RANDOM NUMBERS SHE IS CALLING OUT AS YOU WORK.” Hubris was strong, but hubris is not the Force and as she made more distracting chatter, I quietly said, “I’m finished.” The look on her face was not priceless, but it wasn’t cheap. I’m gloating; I will meet Karma; I don’t care.

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