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Two turkeys walked into a bar . . .

December 2nd, 2015 ·No Comments

No, they didn’t. That is silly. They would have if I could think of a punchline, but, alas, I cannot, so forget about them going into a bar. Maybe in a week or a month, or next year, I might think of a HA HA for this venture. And, I assure you I will let you know if I do.

I heard, “Two Irishmen walked out of a bar . . . No, that would never happen.” Other than that, I don’t know any real going into bar jokes. Of course, there’s the “3 Scientists Walk into a Bar” that is a Facebook page and I’ve seen it on

Enough of that, it’s just my prattling. Oh, AmeliaJake, think this through. If you say enough of the prattling, you won’t have anything to write at all.

In this basket are part of the trimmings for one of my Christmas trees:
basket tree

(The rummage sale price tag on the bell has class, dontcha think?)

I may just skip the tree part this year and take them out of the basket and put them right back in, still allowing myself some bits of memory. Actually, one of my memories about the tree that usually holds these things is that I have to tie it to the window latch or it will fall over. You see, I would put it on a coffee table in the sitting room and the legs on the base would be just a wee bit too big to balance really well.

I probably have a picture of this tree from earlier years somewhere on this blog, but I’m not going to look for it now. I might be tempted to enlarge it and pin it up over the coffee table.

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