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Elmer’s Glue trees and shrubs

November 23rd, 2015 ·No Comments

Saturday morning the roads were dry, but there was talk of snow having hit Iowa and moving across Illinois and, gee, about 11am, big flakes started to come down. They stuck to everything; then the wind picked up and the snow got finer, but it stayed wet and heavy and the temperature was at 32/33 all day. And then we were under a winter weather storm warning. Roads glazed and the branches bent so low in front of the front door, they were at my eye level and I’m short.

You take a look at that and fill your cheeks with air and just blow it out slowly in resignation and go and get a broom to knock the flakes off. As it turned out, those flakes were globs, super-glued on branches and they weren’t moving. This morning I took a heavy rake and attacked them and enough snow came off that they lifted high enough for me to be able to walk under them – which I did not do.

The trunk latch on the car popped open when I pushed the release button, but the weight of the snow on the trunk held it down; I had to shovel the trunk – not just brush it off. We had a very warm fall, but now we have been smacked in the face and it does wake you up.

I snapped a picture and sent it to Der Bingle and he texted back: So Currier and Ives. I had not thought of it that way.

It is not because of the snow that I have not posted; nor it not because I have been cleaning and toting firewood in and hunting down mittens. It is just a lull for me. Why I don’t know; it seems when I am doing chores, a lot of stories go through my head, but apparently they are not reaching my fingers.

Speaking of fingers, I’d better find those mittens and dig out that frozen turkey so it can do its thawing out thing. Like I really want to stick my hand in a cold orifice looking for things like gizzards.

That really inspired me; maybe it’s time for a blanket over my head and some meditation.

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