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Almost the last leaf

November 11th, 2015 ·No Comments

Finally, tugging with all my might, I got a 20-footlong tarp filled with leaves out to the driveway/curb. It did not contain the last leaf, nor even the 1,000th from last leaf, but after numerous efforts, I would say the yard is relatively raked. I honestly think one could count the number of leaves left; it might be a high number but it could be done.

I thought to myself: Now is the last time I will have to rake these leaves at 310 N. Riley? Is this the end of an era? I did not feel the least bit sentimental. 310 N. Riley vs. the Amazing AmeliaJake LeafRaker – I don’t think I won once, but I fought the good fight. At least I tell myself that.

I could post a picture of the tree that had golden leaves a couple of weeks ago, but the sticks it is now will be around for a long time. No hurry, and maybe I’ll actually post one of it coated in sparkling ice. Oh, joy.

I got to thinking about Christmas lights; I wasn’t going to put any out this year, but I think I will have one last stab at creating the effect of fireflies dancing in the air along the front of the house. You just have to pull down a branch on a bush, hook part of a string on it, let it whoosh back up, do it again and again and again . . . and come night, the randomness of the branches and the wind give it a magical appeal. And after seeing the Acrylic Pink Pig Ballerina, I think that would be a sedately dignified bit of festivity.

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